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When order arrives, open carefully and began placing stickers in your planner, on your friends, family, pets, strangers, inanimate objects,  or wherever your heart desires,


Super fast shipping and great selection:) Yay for puking unicorns!

Amanda H.


So many sticker sheets! Love the variety

Mariya A.


So much awesome!!! I might have felt like running out of my house wearing just these stickers and declaring my love for my may subscription. But you know what? I'm pretty sure with the amount of wonderful goodies in this "box" I would have enough to make myself a skirt! Can't wait for May to arrive so I can rock them in my planner!

Indiana S.

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How often will I get this box?

All subscriptions are provided on  a monthly basis unless noted

Is it only stickers?

The sticker subscription contains only stickers with occasional items like paper clips or special custom items in addition to stickers.

What's in the box?

Actually its an envelope. Paper stuff is flat so a box is kind of redundant.