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We Live, Breathe, & Eat Stickers.

(not the cat, we do not eat the cat)

The makings of Anxiety Aids

I started planning at the behest of my therapist, who advised to get a system of organization to both manage my attention deficits and also perhaps quell the anxiety that ate away at me because of that. It worked! And I found a new love, which was digital design and making cute things for my planner. I thought perhaps others would also like the stuff I was making  and thus a store was born.

Anxiety Aids started as an Etsy Store with only digital downloads, and then physical stationery items with a focus on planners. Stickers for sale came shortly after that and since then it has grown to the demand of requiring a sticker subscription service, so thank you all so much for your love and support and follow us on instagram for updates on ventures and new products!